I’m a wife, mother, friend, artist at heart, and a disciple of Jesus. Originally from Eastern Canada, (the part with the Atlantic Ocean – not Ontario), I currently reside on the Prairies with my husband and two children. It has been almost two decades since I moved to Saskatchewan and my longing to return “home” to Maritime culture and ocean living has been just that – a longing; a deep ache for a place to call home – where I think it “should” be. But God has plans for each one of us and they don’t always include what we want, do they? God has been preparing me over the past few years and has asked me to remain here. The Prairies. Home? Although I am thankful that God gave me a love for this place and for the agri-“culture” here, it is still a choice to wake up each day, content. It may be far from some friends and family and that only reinforces the longing, but it also reminds me of where that real longing lies. Is it in the Maritime culture or with friends or with family? Although that would be wonderful, I think the longing I ache for daily, is for Home. My true Home. My heavenly Home.

I also live with OCD and ADHD (and probably numerous other acronyms) and that creates a lot of undesired “stress” and chaos at times. Maybe you can relate to a life with unwanted stress or chaos, or maybe you can relate to that ache, that longing for a place to call “home”. If so, grab your coffee, make sure the kids are entertained for the next 15 minutes, sit yourself down in your favorite comfy-chair, take a slow, deep breath, and join me in this space of collected thoughts, stories, and musings as we journey together towards Home.

Photo Credit: Alison Jeanette Photography